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The Buonconsiglio Castle...in Trento.

A very large castle.


The Buonconsiglio Castle is the main sight of Trento. It is the largest castle in Trentino Alto Adige region.

From the 13th century to the end of the 18th century it was the residence of the prince - bishops of Trento.

The castle is made of three buildings. Inside there are many rooms to visit. It has some towers and two gardens.


The oldest part of the castle named Castelvecchio was built between XIII and XV centuries.

Its courtyard is decorated with beautiful frescoes.

Another part of the castle is Magno Palazzo; built between 1528 and 1536.

Giunta Albertiana is the smaller part of the complex. It is a 17th century building and stands in the middle of the two palaces.


You can enjoy a great landscape from the Venetian loggia.


This is the bishops hall.


Another pic taken into the bishops hall


The mirrors hall.


The mirrors hall.


The library.


What we see here it is part of the ceiling of the library.



There are several ancient heaters in some rooms of the castle.


The gardens.


After, or during your visit you could have a rest at the gardens.




Note; one of the most important features of the castle is the "Ciclo dei Mesi" (cycle of the months).

This is a group of 11 frescoes painted around 1400 that shows the activities of the nobles and the working class at the end of the Middle Ages; month after month.

One of the frescoes is missing because of fire. These frescoes are housed inside Torre Aquila (tower of the eagle). Before entering this tower you are given a tool to listen to the story of this paintings in various languages.

I am sorry, but I don' t have any pics of these frescoes.


You could stay into the castle for hours. Explore it at leisure; rest a bit in the gardens and have a good lunch at the restaurant.

Yes, there is a restaurant in the precinct of the castle. They also serve typical food of the Trentino Alto Adige region.

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The Pinè Plateau.



I often do a day trip to the Pinè Plateau. It is only some kilometers far from the village where I live.

This plateau is situated over 900 meters on the sea level., so it is the right place to go to avoid some hot places in the summer; as Trento.

There are several villages on this plateau.

I' ve be in this area lots of times. After some years I decided to re visit some places here.

Baselga di Pinè; one of the main villages at the plateau, is situated at some 960 meters on the sea level.

This village has a good choice of hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops. It is a very popular tourist resort.


One of the sights to see in the old core of Baselga di Pinè is the church of Santa Maria Assunta.

This church was mentioned nel 1220. It was torn down and rebuilt in the XV century.

It was enlarged around 1535 and also between 1729 and 1743.

It is a small church.



There are some beautiful frescoes into the church.


Once you have visited the church you could stroll around the old core of Baselga. It is really nice.



Part of the square in the old core.


There is a lake in Baselga di Pinè; the lake of Serraia.

This lake is of glacial origin.


You can swim or go boating on the lake.

You can also walk around it.

Along the lake there are several cafes and I think some restaurants.

There is a playground area for children near the lake.


Miola is a hamlet of Baselga di Pinè.



In Miola you can find only a couple of restaurants and cafes and a supermarket.



Here you see part of a square in this hamlet.


There are mostly ancient stone houses in Miola.



At Christmas time Miola turns into "el paes dei presepi". Translation; the village of cribs.

Cribs are created at various places in Miola.


Lago delle Piazze is an artificial lake surrounded by some beaches and a large meadow.


Even on this lake you can swim or have a boat trip.

Also at lago delle Piazze there is even a playground area for children.


Hotel Pineta is a hotel overlooking this lake. I usually have a cup of coffee here before my stroll along the lake.


One day I am going to have lunch at this hotel.

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Riva del Garda.



Riva del Garda is a nice town situated at the northern tip of the lake Garda. It is around one hour by car from my village.

In the spring and summer it is a very touristic town.


There are lots of colorful houses in this town.



Via Piave is one of the nicest streets in this town.


Contrada Marocco is a neighbourhood in Riva del Garda that has nothing to do with Morocco. This area that takes its name from landslides; practically these are big stones where several houses where built here. Marocche is the name of big stones in the local dialect.

Here you can see various old houses, a square with a washing trough and an ancient palace; Palazzo del Vescovo (the bishop' s palace).


I suppose this is one of the oldest areas in Riva del Garda.


Palazzo del Vescovo; the bishop' s palace.


Piazza III novembre is the main square in Riva del Garda.

Here you can see the town hall built in the XV century joined to Palazzo Pretorio (XIV century). Opposite this palace there is a very ancient tower; the Apponale tower. It was built towards 1200 and raised in 1552.

On its ground level there were warehouses for salt and wheat and other stores. It was also used as a prison. During the WWI the tower was an observation post. You can enjoy a beautiful landscape over the main square of the town and other areas from its top.


Piazza III Novembre is partly surrounded by XIV century porticoes. There are some shops and a good restaurant - pizzeria (see restaurant hotel Centrale) under these.



Here you see the small square joined to piazza III Novembre.


Sometimes when I visit Riva del Garda I have lunch at the restaurant of hotel Centrale. This is a large three star hotel located at the main square of Riva del Garda.

I don' know how many dinner rooms there are at this hotel. One of these is under the old arcades. It is closed by glass, so that people could eat there even in the winter.


There are various dishes on the menu at this restaurants. There are even several fish dishes and a good choice of pizzas. Pizzas at restaurant Centrale are very large.


You can do several boat trips to various villages or towns from Riva del Garda. There are ferries, hydrofoils and motorised catamarans that opearate all year.

For instance you can go to Limone and Malcesine.

Limone lies on the north-western shore of the lake. Its name comes from the latin word "limen", which means border. It is a small town with cobbled streets, some churches, various shops, cafes and restaurants.

Malcesine is located almost opposite Limone. Its main sight is the castle which was probably built in the first millenium a. C. by the Longobards and modified through the centuries. Today it houses a couple of museums.


There is a fortress in Riva del Garda. La Rocca. It was built in 1124 and altered through the centuries. Today it houses a museums with paintings,pictures and archaeological finds.

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