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Feltre has lots of frescoes and much more....

...there is even an ancient shrine nearby!


Feltre is a nice town located in the Veneto region.

Its old core was built on a hill.

This town is surrounded by walls built in the XVI century by the Venetian who ruled the town then.


Usually, one of the first thing I do when I visit Feltre is to have a cup of coffe and a pastry at Garbujo' s.

Garbujo is a well known confectionery situated in the lower area of the town.


In Feltre there are many palaces painted with frescoes.



There are frescoed palaces both in the lower and in the upper area of the town.


Exploring the town you could spot some beautiful details...




There is a small park in the old core of Feltre. Its name is parco Mezzaterra.


There are some benches and a playground area for kids here.



Piazza Maggiore is the main square of Feltre. It is located in the old core.


At the top of the town and not far from piazza Maggiore there is a castle; the castle of Alboino.

It was built by the Longobards in the VI century on Roman remains. It was destroyed several times.

The castle was rebuilt in the XI century and modified in the XII and XIII century.

I think you can only visit a tower at the castle...


... and enjoy a pleasant landscape from the castle area.



There three or more ways to get to the upper area of Feltre. One of these is climbing the so called "scalette vecchie".


The scalette vecchie.



Some time ago I discovered a part of a cloister.

It is near the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli; in the lower area of Feltre.

This cloister ( or better what remains of a cloister) was part of the Clarisse convent. This nunnery was built in the 1492.


The Concattedrale di San Pietro Apostolo is the cathedral of Feltre.

It was built in the 1500 after the desctruction of the previous building by the troops of Maximilian of Absburg.

It was restored in the 1800.


What I like most of this church is the crypt. It dates to the XI century.

This pic and the previous one was taken into the crypt.


The shrine of the saints Vittore and Corona is a great place to visit.

It is made of a church built in the XI century and a monastery.

There are the relics of Feltre' s patron saints; Vittore and Corona inside the church.

This place is located in Anz├╣; just some three kilometers far from Feltre.

To get there you have to drive on a narrow road to the top of a hill.




I have only some pics to show you. I deleted three or four of them because they turned out blurry.


The is the landscape you can see from the shrine.

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Feltre. Something about the town and a confectionery.

A "off the beaten path" town in Northern Italy.

sunny 3 °C

Feltre is a town in Veneto region. It is 20 kilometers southwest from Belluno. It is not far from my village. It takes only one hour to get there.

I have visited Feltre several times.

The town old core was practically rebuilt by the Venetians in 1510; after having been mostly destroyed by Maximilian troops.

This old center is located on a hill. Here the main square; piazza Maggiore is situated.


Piazza Maggiore is surrounded by some buildings as saint Roque church; built in the '500 and by the town hall.

The town hall is made of two palaces. One of these houses a wooden theatre created in 1500 and restored in 1802. This was named Teatro de la Sena. You can visit it, but it has odd opening hours.


At piazza Maggiore you can see two columns and two statues of famous Feltre' s citizens.



You can see lots of frescoed palaces in the old core. Some of these are really well preserved.


Once you have explored the town center you could head to the lower town in order to visit the duomo (cathedral) and the archaeological area. The duomo was built in the XVI century and reconstructed after a fire in 1585. There is a crypt under this church. The archaeological area is located near the cathedral.


You can see some frescoed palaces even in the modern area of Feltre.


If you visit Feltre, don' t miss Garbujo. This confectionery has been opened since the end of 1800 by Luigi Garbuio in Seren del Grappa (a village). Later this confectionery was moved to Feltre by his son Carlo.


Garbuio has lots of kind of pastries and cakes. You can even find some typical sweets here. This confectionery is a shop as well. In fact here they sell various items, as tea pots, mugs, chocolates, wines and other alcoholic drinks.


It' s Christmas time at Garbuio' s.

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