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A day trip to Senigallia.




Senigallia is a beautiful seaside restort situated in the Marche region; between Pesaro and Ancona.

It has a fourteen kilometers long beach.

I visited Senigallia as a day trip from Cesena. I got there by train. The journey between these towns took around one hour.

If you come to Senigallia by train, the first thing you could see is the Rocca Roveresca. This huge fortress was started in the 4th century. What we see today dates to 1476 and 1482.

It was used as a prison and also as an orphanage. Today is a venue for music and art festivals.


Part of the fortress faces piazza del Duca. Here stands the Palazzo del Duca; built in the XVI century. This palace is used for expositions of various kind.

In piazza del Duca there is a nice fountain. It is called the fontana dei leoni ( lions' fountain) or fontana delle anatre (ducks' fountain). It was completed in 1602


At a short distance from piazza del Duca there is piazza Roma. It is bordered by some palace and by the palazzo del Governo (the town hall).

Joined to this palace we see the Neptune' s fountain. The statue that stands on the fountain was probably a Roman find.


There are lots of old palace in the old core of Senigallia.


Foro Annonario is a square surrounded by a round structure with twenty four columns. It was built in 1834. Here, every day you can find a fruit and vegetables market.


Under the structure there is a good choice of restaurants, cafes and some small shops.


The book "100 things to know and to do in Senigallia" is really useful to get to know the town. I don' t know if there is an English edition about this.


Portici Ercolani is a row of covered porticoes built along one of the banks of the river Misa. These were designed in the XVIII century on commission of pope Benedetto XIV. These porticoes were meant to host the stalls of the Magdalene' s fair.

Under these porticoes there are several shops and cafes. I had the worst cream coffee in my life under the porticoes!


Rotonda a Mare is perhaps the most popular landmark of Senigallia. It is a round shaped pavillion erected in the 1930' s.

It was used as a ballroom, restaurant, conference hall and wedding location.


I hope to re visit Senigallia quite soon. Unfortunately it is quite far from where I live.

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The sea looks very inviting. Shame about your cream coffee!

by irenevt

My cream coffee was too liquid. It was made with ice cream. In Italy cream coffee is usually made with a special device.

Do you have cream coffee where you live?

by Maurizioagos

Another lovely visit.

BTW, if you have a phone with a camera, you can download Google Translate. Then you hold your camera over the brochure and it will translate it for you. It's a bit slow but very useful. I love it when we're in Germany because I just can't seem to understand the language. I studied Latin in school so Spanish, Italian and French make sense.

by Beausoleil


by Maurizioagos

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